Sew Wasted

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Sew Wasted

A Los Outsider’s Event for Fuse Box Festival 2016

Los Outsiders is throwing a Dada inspired fashion show for Fusebox Festival this year, and Not Now Underground wanted to help.

Have you ever found yourself waiting for a fashion show to begin with nothing to do but wait? Sure you could stare down at your phone like a dolt, but how un-fashionable is that!?!

Well fear not visitors of Sew Wasted, Not Now Underground has you covered with “Music by which to Sit and Wait for a Fashion Show.” We’ve recorded some brand spankin’ new music that’ll get you in the mood to sit quietly with your hands in your lap and wait patiently to be entertained.

Here’s what Los Outsider’s have to say about their event:

In the great performance art traditions of Dada and Bauhaus, Los Outsiders once again stir the creative pot with the full-artistic-community-encompassing performance event, “Sew Wasted.” Much like Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus sought to bring together all artistic mediums under one umbrella, Los Outsiders continue their efforts to stitch together the artistic population of Austin with “Sew Wasted.” Whereas the preposterousness of Dada performance was intended as a reaction to the incomprehensible nature of the First World War, “Sew Wasted” aims to act as a mirror to the absurd issues of our modern world and all its complexities.

Five teams of creatives (visual artists, actors, and dancers/choreographers) will collaborate on faux- fashion-as-wearable-art to create performance art presentations backed by the music of a local composer, that will pound our runway in over-the-top revelry. Each team will combine their creative forces and expertise to produce two sculptural/performance fashion looks to stimulate your mind and trip your senses while off-the- wall songs and sounds compliment the runway experience that’s not to be missed! Sit front row center, bring a fan, a camera flash and a fashionista attitude! Experience the Austin arts like never before as you take a large swig of absurdity and get “Sew Wasted.”

Featuring: Jaelah Kuehmichel & Jason Phelps, Jacques Colimon & Lauren Klotzman, Andrea Ariel & April Garcia, Jay Byrd & Adrian Aguilera, Lacey Richter & Akirash, video artist Fresh Fuckerman, and composer Dr. Russell Reed, preshow sounds by Not Now Underground.